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This site is both a hobby and a work in progress. New materials are added as time permits and as they are contributed or created. Submissions may take time to be properly formatted and uploaded to the site. Please check back from time to time, and have patience with my progress (or lack thereof). Any updates on this site will be listed on this page as they occur.




November 6, 2007:


Well folks, I've been extremely delinquent, haven't I? Time for me to crack back down and get some new action and materials on the site. I've recently acquired a new computer that doesn't crash every couple of hours and has the ability to allow me to make changes without as much hassle, so hopefully you'll see new media and materials soon!


I've kind of given up on the members forums/directory for now since ipilots.org seems to be doing pretty well along those lines (no point in duplicating efforts). My first goal is to get the photo gallery back up and running (and everything reorganized following last year's crash). I have close to 1000 pictures, videos, and other scanned materials that people have submitted over the time since Independence went under, so bear with me (I figure I can't do any much worse that I have the past year...)


I also updated the information about the next ACA/IDE "All Hands" Reunion in Dulles. It can be accessed via the main page (home) of this site.



August 27, 2006:

Updated website contributors list.

Added new materials:

FLYi Experience VP Comedy Video

April 14, 2006:

Added new materials:

Brian Campbell Independence Air Tribute

April 12, 2006:

Added update history page.

Updated information about website/member's area status.

Updated website contributors list.

Added new links on the links page.

Added new materials:

James Carville & Mary Matalin CRJ Safety Briefing

Mia Hamm CRJ Safety Briefing

February 20, 2006:

Added new materials:

Mix 107.3 FM (Washington) Radio Clip about IDE

February 18, 2006:

Added new materials:

Initial TV Ad Campaign: Chuck Berry Voiceover

Initial TV Ad Campaign: James Carville Voiceover

Initial TV Ad Campaign: Mia Hamm Voiceover

Initial TV Ad Campaign: Dennis Miller Voiceover

"Rampys" video by Ashley Wincer

"Ring of Fire" video by Ashley Wincer





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