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Ridgelines.org is looking for the following materials:



Guidelines for submitting materials:

Materials submitted to Ridgelines.org should be high quality/high resolution scans (200dpi or greater, preferably scanned into .GIF format- .JPEG degrades picture quality). Photoshop images (.PSD/.PDD) are also acceptable. Retouching or editing of images is not required, I will size or retouch them as required.

Adobe files are also encouraged when available (particularly with multi-page items such as annual reports and timetable).

Alternatively, hard copy submissions can be submitted to me via mail. All materials submitted will become the property of ridgelines.org, unless otherwise specified and return postage is included. Please email me for the postal address if you wish to mail any items.

Please do not submit materials that compromise confidentiality agreements that you signed. These materials may not be posted to the site. (I am currently attempting to obtain permission to post items such as manuals and other employee publications for future reference).

Files may either be emailed to the site webmaster, or uploaded directly to the website (please contact us for instructions). If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Text Contributors:

Looking for people to help write articles about ACA/Independence... particularly sections for the company history pages.

Aircraft Safety Card Covers:

Jetstream 41 (United Express)

Dornier 328 (Delta Connection)

Aircraft Safety Briefing Recordings:

Chuck Berry

Dave George (have one but it's cut off)

Allison Janney (also cut off at end)

Richard Lewis (ditto)

Annual Report Covers:



Annual Reports in Adobe .PDF format (downloadable):

Any Year 1998 or prior

Marketing Materials:

Printed Advertisements (such as magazine inserts or full page ads)

Distributed Materials

Original Artwork / Posters:

Any ACA or IDE themed artwork in digital format

Digitally formatted company released posters:

- independence air Day One poster 

- "I am" independence air posters (that were on the walls at Shaw Rd/HDQ)

- marketing posters that were hung in terminals

- IDE travel posters (Boston, Dulles, Washington, New York)

- ACA 500th CRJ delivery poster

Radio Commercials:

Any radio spots that have not been posted on the multimedia page


Any that have not been posted

Television Commercials:

Any TV spots that have not been posted on the multimedia page

Timetable Covers:

July 2004

March 2005

May 2005

July 2005

August 2005

October 2005

December 2005

January 2006

Timetables in Adobe .PDF format (downloadable):

June 2004

July 2004

August 2004

September 2004

October 2004

November 2004

December 2004

January 2005

February 2005

March 2005

April 2005

May 2005

July 2005

August 2005

September 2005

October 2005

November 2005

December 2005

January 2006

Uniform Items:

Graphics or images from any uniform catalogs (Lion Apparel)

Uniform shop handouts / brochures

High quality images of wings or emblems (West Air/ACA/ACJ/IDE)



Any other cool stuff that you might have in the bottom of a drawer,

closet, box, your car, whatever! Send it in!






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